Grow Your Own Feed! 
Great Christmas Present! 
Book 1: Country Feeds

How to Grow, Source and Mix Your Own Feeds!!!
             Tired of paying the high cost of feed?

Here is your answer!  This book explains:

* How to Grow and Harvest Your Own Grains
* How to Find Grains Locally to Add to the Ones You Grow
* How to Mix Your Own Feeds (including recipes)
* What Other Grains Can Be Substitued In Recipes
* Includes Plans for a Simple Mixer
* Includes Recipes for Goats, Cows, Sheep, Llama and
   Alpaca, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Pigs, Horses, etc.
Want to see a sample of the book?

Download Country Feeds Table of Contents and Chapter 8 here

"I've already read up on the chicken feed recipe that I had wanted and I'm grateful!
I've been wanting to make my own as I don't want Soy in my chicken feed. Most organic food ( so far organic = no GMO) has Soy which has anti nutrients which is kinda counter productive, so now I can mix my own with a circle of friends, who probably will also buy your book!
Thank you"
Trish T.

"I just wanted to tell you thanks for the Country Feeds Book. I read it and gleaned so much information from it! It is a great reference tool for me and it will be used regularly, Iím sure."
Tanya K.
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Book 2: Green Sprouting Grains for Feed and Fodder
* Feed Your Animals for Dramatically Less $$$$$
* Be Able to Feed Your Animals Organically
* Know What is Really in Your Feeds
* Give Your Animals Better Nutrition

If you could feed your animals organically would you? Organic goat feed costs $39.25 for a 40 pound bag at the feed store. That 40 pound bag will only last for a month with a goat that is bred or if your goat is in milk only about 13 days (if you feed 3 pounds of grain a day). So, to feed your goat 3 pounds of grain for a whole month would cost almost $100 from the feed store.

With sprouting your grain and feeding the fodder you can feed the same goat the same or better nutrition. One pound of grain will grown six pounds of fodder. A milking goat needs 3 to 5% of their body weight in fodder. So, if your goat weighs 50 pounds, you would needs 2 1/5 pounds of fodder per day which means you will only use 15 pounds of dry grain per month. Instead of needing 90 pounds of grain per month, you will only use 15 pounds per month. That is one third of the amount of grain if you feed it dry. Instead of $100 per month, it will only cost you $33 per month.  Wouldn't you like to cut your feed costs by 65%?

Learn to grow your own green sprouted fodder with this book--Only $ 15 for both books in pdf format!

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